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Creé y dirigí en Tailandia el 'I Retiro Artístico de Meditación', tras gestionar un equipo de 25 personas y recolectar quinientas solicitudes de artistas de más de ochenta países. Veinte de ellos pasaron dos semanas en un Santuario meditando y creando obras de arte que luego se exhibieron en una Exposición en Bangkok que yo comisarié y coordiné.


El proyecto tuvo un gran éxito y recogió más de 50 notas de prensa y publicaciones de más de 25 países diferentes, así como patrocinios de marcas de arte de primera línea, como Rembrandt, Sakura, Van Gogh y Amsterdam.

Miguel Ángel Cano Santizo durante un taller de Dirección de Cine en la universidad de Bandung, Indonesia

Established Artists

You are lacking motivation, discipline or want to take your art to a next level. Artistic talent is a gift and you are privileged of being able to work as an artist. If you are not fulfilled, thrilled and proud, or if you are missing a goal and a purpose, we can work on it, so you can recover the passion and shine.

Aspiring Artists

If you are an artist, it's very likely that you weren't born for business, and that is great, you don't have to become commercial. However, if you don't manage to make a living out of your art, you will end up frustrated and you will very likely give up your dream to find a stable job, as most of artists end up doing. I still don't know you, but I believe in you, you can make it, living the life of an artist is hard, but very much worth it. Shall we talk to make it happen?

Profiles we work with

Basically, any artistic profile, from Fine Artists, Filmmakers, Photographers, writers, singers, musicians, dancers, etc.

You have the talent, what you could probably improve is the system, your daily habits and your confidence and awareness.

Our system is based on enhancing human soft capabilites, so you can become the better version of yourself by using smartly your time, having a well-structured strategy and believing in yourself.

Customized Artistic Coaching



Profile Analysis

We will go together through your profile, both artistic and personal, exploring your talents and lines of potential development. 


Strategy Plan

We will draft a plan to maximize your artistic potential, to enhance your productivity and to professionalize your distribution. All this, keeping alwasy the focus on maintaining the love for what you do.



We will put into action strategies to implement habits that will take the best of your talent in the shape of a steady creation process and a fruitful distribution of your work.



We will keep on adapting and evolving, tailoring the strategy and workflow to ensure a proper development of your capabilities and potential.

Miguel Ángel Cano Santizo, Mr. Challenge Films, giving a talk about social documentary filmmaking at the Psicurt Film Festival, in Tarragona

Let's plan a first call and start working together to professionalize your work and maximize your potential while keeping the enjoyment and your genuine spirit.

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